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Baby♥ [Wednesday
July 26th, 2006
[ mood | happy ]

so...my friend Megan is having her baby tomorrow. i cant wait to see her!!! OMG...i was at the hospital today forever...but she wont have it til tomorrow morning sometime!!! Congrats Isaac and Megan!!! anyways....

so i leave in exactly a month.. =(..it makes me soo sad to think about it....i try not to.

My dad got me a computer. yay!! im pumped!! i was so surprised. now i just need a car. mines falling apart...literally.

peace out!!!

--every day with you gets better and better.... ♥

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wow [Monday
July 24th, 2006
[ mood | tired ]

yeah so i definately havent written in here in....forever!!! Im going to cheering camp in Wisconsin next week. that should be interesting with my fucked up knee and all. im flying out and ive never been on a plane before. oh well, there's a first time for everything. then after i come back from camp i have 3 weeks before i move out to Michigan. im soo sad. i dont want to leave everyone here, but i know that i need it. i need to get away from everything and just take car of myself and not have to worry about anything but school. i'm really excited though. i love it out there. its soo peaceful and gorgeous. i cant wait.

so far this summer has been filled with soo many memories. i've discovered that i have a new love for OOB. i randomly go there like twice or three times a week. it soo much fun. even though ive pretty much killed my car driving there but i dont care. it was worth it.

so i've achieved my goal this summer. i wanted to have as much fun as i possibly could and make as many memories with my friends as i can before i leave. its going to be so hard to say goodbye. but i keep telling myself that i'll be back. i dont want to go so far away but deep in my heart i know its good for me.

and to YOU...my life has changed so much since i met you. you make me the happiest girl in the world and i dont know what im going to do when i cant just call you up to see you. you always know how to make me smile and put me to sleep. =P i'll never forget you.

KRT- we have gotten so close over this year and i couldnt be happier. we have so many memories and so many more to come. i'm going to miss you so much and remember that im always here for you no matter what and im only a phone call away. then when im home from college...im only a few stairs away. I LOVE YOU WOMAN.

TMD- who would have ever thought that we would be so close. i cant even imagine all the things that we've said or all the stupid things we've done. i love you and ill be waiting for you to come to Michigan to live with me next year. im going to be so lost without you. we've never gone more than a week without seeing eachother...its going to be soo hard...but you can come visit...you and Kristyn and road trip out to see me. i love you too!!

peace out mothah fuckahs.

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STATES! [Saturday
February 11th, 2006
[ mood | drained ]

yeah so im sitting here..going to my moms to get my hair done and then off to work....yuck...THEN..i have to get out of work and go to the school..do hair then leave for STATES and then cheer all night..then come home late and then go to work the next day...i hate my life...its too damn busy...and i cant get away from it...i sit down and i just cry..its soo hard...i did get into the college i want..and im trying out for the cheering team..but if i can barely do it in high school then i probably cant do it in college...i dont know..all i know is that i have to thank someone...because they sat in my car for and hour with me and listened to me..i know it doesnt seem like much but it does to me...i cried and cried and they didnt say anything..they just listened...cuz they knew thats what i needed...but anyways...i just wanted to let that all out..


<3 to all!!!!
^^ and to you...

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Yeeaahhh [Friday
January 27th, 2006
yeah i am PUMPED!! our competition is tomorrow and i cant wait! one concern is that we are going last out of all the teams. it makes me kinda nervous. but we can do it! i know it. i hope we do good. what makes me sad though is that if we dont make it to states, then this is my last competition ever...unless i get into Northwood, then i can try-out for that team. but thats a long way away. but anywho. yeah so its tomorrow.

I am soo excited for another reason too. my mom is picking up my friend Kristina before my competition and we are going out to eat and everything! i havent seen her since seventh grade! i cant wait to see her...i love her!!!

but wish us luck for tomorrow!
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Shittay! [Wednesday
January 18th, 2006
[ mood | tired ]

yeah so i havent updated in forever! and i thought that today would be a good day for it! well lets see...

we came in 6th at MVC's which may not seem good to most ppl but to us it is awesome! it is the best we've done at MVC's in a while...soo YAY for us!!! and me and ashley got all-star cheerleaders for our team! regionals are in like 9 days so if you want to see us kick ass then go! they are at the Augusta Civic Center! at 5:30 on the 28th!!! we WILL kick ass!

ive been real sick for a few days and that sucks ass...im slowly getting better even though it doesnt seem it. yeah...

ive kinda been talking to my mom lately..thats going okay. we went out to dinner the other day for her birthday. it was fun except that i was sick. but yeah..

pretty much all ive been doing is work and cheering. soo yeah not too much to type in here...

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*Busy* [Monday
January 9th, 2006
[ mood | cold ]

yeah so i havent written in forever...it seems that all i do is cheer and work...probably cuz that IS all i do...gawd..

competition is next Saturday..im kinda nervous...we have our dances and our cheer..but some of our stunts are iffy...like we have this twist-up one and there are like 20 things we have to do and it is soo hard and i can't do it...we REALLY need to work on it...but ya..thats my only worrie...

kayla bought ribbons for us...EASY KILLAH....if i couldve afforded them then i would have helped...wait...i paid 1.11 of them..hehe...AND i get you free shit from D&D...soo calm ur ass...LOVE LOVE you...

and kayla's Sweet Sixteen is on friday!! i am excited for her..my friday is gonna be soo busy...i have to go to Farmington right after school and get my check and her presents and then go to ashley's to do our hair...and THEN to school for practice much of the night...fun fun...but ya...

i went to Kristyn's last night...it was soo much fun!! we took wicked funny pics..and then we made CHICKEN....mmm..hehe...and she MADE me listen to Bayside...not bad not bad..hehehe...and then turning around in her driveway this morning was a bitch...but ya..it was soo fun...i laughed soo hard!

but im off to school...

*Talking to you from my past is something fortunate...even though i cry, it still makes me happy. Remebering when we were happy, thinkin gof all the good times. But i will never forget the bad.*

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yeah yeah [Thursday
December 29th, 2005
[ mood | ecstatic ]

yeah so i went for my license today for the first time and i got it!!! i was sooo happy!!hehe...FREEDOM....

today me and kayla went to Wal Mart!! i can legally have her in my car cuz her mom is my legal guardian...so thats cool..haha...im soo happy...the only part that sucks is that i have no money for gas..ugh..haha...

tomorrow im going to take my brother out to eat...i havent seen him in FOREVER...soo that should be fun..

not really sure what im doing for New Year's...probably hangin out with leeanna....no sure where though...haha....

later peeps!!

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Yessss [Wednesday
December 28th, 2005
[ mood | anxious ]

haha YAY....yesterday i got my new phone...its a REAL cell phone...i LOVE it...i wasnt going to get a camera phone cuz i just got a digital camera but i got one anyways...its awesome...if anyone wants the # its 491-0219..haha...call me if you need me!!

yeah so yesterday i got captain of the cheering team....its me and danielle peart...but i feel really bad though...i think it should have been me, her, and kayla...but kayla didnt get it...and the only reason why she didnt get it was because i live with her and coach said we fight too much...we NEVER fight...i think if she was captain with me it would have been awesome!!...im still gonna talk to her when i have a problem as if she was captain with me and danielle....cuz like i felt like she deserved it..and i feel bad because the more i think about it she deserves it more than me...but i do know one thing, im gonna work my ass off...she says i whine, so im NOT whining anymore...i dont know why but i feel that i have to....but yeah...the game tonight should be interesting...coach is announcing who captains are and i can think of a couple ppl that are going to be PISSED...well maybe ONE person...but i dont care...im happy i got it i just wish that kayla got it too...or that her reasoning wasnt so stupid...

i go for my license tomorrow morning...THAT should be fun...im kinda nervous...but i think i can do it...i HOPE i get it...that would be awesome....

but im out....

kayla-i love you not only as my best friend ever but also as my sister....we have our moments but i am always here for you no matter what!!!

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FINALLY!!! [Sunday
December 25th, 2005
[ mood | excited ]

finally its christmas...i am soooo excited!! i got a lot of cool stuff today!! i got this wicked cool cell phone charm from kayla!! i love it and she also got me a belly button ring...i love that too!!! i love all of the presents that i got today!!

right now im waiting for my dad to get here so i can get my Digital Camera...i cant wait!!...and then hopefully tomorrow or tuesday ill get my cell phone...i hope i get it!!

today i cleaned out my room...it was soo full that i had to go through it and everything i dont want here im bringing to my dad's..but ya...


<3 ME...

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yeah [Wednesday
December 21st, 2005
[ mood | sick ]

not too much to update....

4 days til christmas
8 days til i go for my license

yeah thats the most excitting things in my life!!haha...

yeah...things at work are kicking up...last night i got my own register!!! haha....i was soo excited!! and i finally got eric his free coffee...haha...he can NOW stop bitching!! haha....yeah....

yesterday Kim and her mom made us a basket with yummy food in it...i ate so much fudge i got sick...ugh...haha....it was wicked good though!!

i also have some sort of the flu....but all i know is this morning i feel like im going to puke.....and its BAD.....i feel like crap...

i talked to lana last night..ALL NIGHT..haha...i told her boi that he better treat her good and shit and he said OF COURSE.....then we were talking and i was like you better not play her cuz it looks like it..and he told me that he thinks Leeanna is better than the "other" girl and i was like good....she is!! haha....he seems nice and i am very happy for her!!

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long ass day! [Sunday
December 18th, 2005
[ mood | irritated ]

so last night i went to leeanna's house...it was fun!! i had a blast....we went and "kidnapped" patty and went to walmart...then we brought pat back to sean's and as we were leaving he yelled out the door that we could stay...so we did...not sure why, but we did...it was a lot of fun at first..it was me, lana, patty,sean, and danny...we watched figure skating!! it was great!! then leeanna left me there :\ while she went to go get kevin and bring him home....it took her FOREVER to get back....i was like "doo doo do"..then sean's gf got there...and i feel bad because i wanted to take her somewhere and tell her everything he says about her behind her back...cuz like RIGHT before she got there...he was calling her names and shit and saying how stupid he was for passing me and leeanna up and shit....i was like WOW....then she got there and he was like "hey baby"....and i just looked over at danny and he laughed and shook his head and that was that....then later on alyssa and ronnie showed up...we all had fun...we played video games and watched movies and shit...i had fun..then we went back to leeanna's house...we slept til like 11..and i had to go to work at 3...it was the LONGEST shift ive EVER worked...it was kinda busy...we made over six hundred and fifty dollars...hahah...then while i was mopping i was singing songs from the movie Annie...."its a hard-knocked life for us!"...it was great...and then customers walked in and were laughing at me...but haha..it was great!!! i worked with just Brad and ive NEVER laughed soo hard in my life!

m-its not my fault you have a huge man in ur pants!
b-umm actually i dont cuz thats wrong!! haha
m-OMG...if you only knew who was in the picture in my head after that!!
^^^^only Brad knows WHO it was!!

m-i can picture it now, you with a whip wearing leather and HIM bent over in front of you with THA LOOK in his face!!
b-well, hahahaha.....
^^that was GREAT!!

wow...that kid us GREAT!!! good timez!!

~when you feel tha need to talk about me behind my back then you arent a TRUE friend, i have never done anything to you so i just dont understand. and i hate to break it to you but OBVIOUSLY he told me...he tells me EVERYTHING.....i thought you were my friend...but not if you want to talk shit...cuz thats not cool....sry...

I LOVE YOU LANA!!! huuuuu

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Ashley's [Friday
December 16th, 2005
[ mood | drained ]

yea so today was boring except for tonight....me and kayla walked to ashley's to bring her Mackenzie's xmas present...and then we decided to hang out...i LOVE ashley...she great....THEN me and kayla wanted our chips so we walked BACK home..haha...its soo f-n cold outside..then we walked back to ashley's..haha..and hung out there for more time...haha..kenzie is soo damn cute...when she laughs she sounds like the bride of chuckie!! haha...shes wicked cute...i love her...she'll be walking soon..shes a handful NOW i cant wait til she can walk..haha..

but yeah..that was my snow day.....i went and got my check...and i got almost all of my xmas shopping done..haha...almost

but im out....

9 days til xmas
13 days till i go for my license!!

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sad sad sad [Thursday
December 15th, 2005
[ mood | crying ]

today was supposed to be me and josh's one year. but you know, we broke up for a reason and ive realized this now. he wanted to hang out today and i really didnt want to and i feel bad. but he came here and started yelling at me and shit. and of course, he made me BAWL. its usual though. thats all he ever did. i thought i missed him. but now i know that i dont. i dont miss crying every day of my life, i dont miss how you made me want to die. i dont miss any of that. and i am soo glad for the friends i have cuz without them id be lost. i am SOO over him...im done.

and to you, i am sorry for hurting you when i thought i wanted him back. i really dont and i hope i can be forgiven. you know what you mean to me and i am really truly sorry.

kayla, i love you soo much. you are my best friend and i know it must be hard for you cuz you are friends with him too. but still...ur great!!! cant wait to see what you got me for xmas, cuz i have NO clue!! haha... LOVE YOU!!

~it isnt worth the pain, it isnt worth the tears, i need to be happy, i need to try, i am sick of pretending, i am sick of hiding behind my smile...its fading...~

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YESSAH!!! [Thursday
December 15th, 2005
[ mood | ecstatic ]

yeah soo...i am pumped!! i got my date back for my license..i go in two weeks..im pissed though because my mom held on to it since the 6th...soo i could have known a long time ago...shes a bitch...she makes me soo mad..she was probably gonna keep it as a bribe to get me to talk to her or something....gawd..shes dumb...but YEAH.....i cant wait...im pumped!!

i get my first paycheck EVER tomorrow...woot woot...its gonna be like 50 bucks..haha...but thats more than ive ever had....ya know...haha.then i have to go xmas shopping....

on saturday i think im going to jaimie's house for tha night....idk though...cuz i might babysit or something....and i have to work in tha morning....who knows...haha..but yeah...

cant wait...and the BEST present EVER would be getting my license...so all i can do is hope

i LOVE all my girlies!!!! AJD, LMT, KMC, TMD, KLB!!

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yeah yeah [Tuesday
December 13th, 2005
[ mood | shitty ]

soo..tonight i have to work..woo-hoo...i feel like shit...and i keep sneezing and i cant breathe cuz of this damn x-mas tree...ugh...after work miss leeanna is picking me up...we havent hung out in a long time so we are gonna chill tonight...YESS...score..haha

yeah so last night i had a dream that me and my buddy jenna dubord got a baby PIG and it was our pet...weird...i think it might have something to do with jaimie's baby pig that i saw...it made me sad..ugh those things look so nasty..they are soo nasty though...but yeah...soo that was a weird dream..haha...

i love my girlsies!!!haha

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Hurting... [Sunday
December 11th, 2005
[ mood | lost ]

soo lately i've been having bad withdrawels...i've been very upset and ive een crying a lot....there is way too much shit going on in my life right now and i just might go insane....let's start...

on thursday of next week would have been me and josh's on year...i miss him soo much..more than anyone would understand...there is no way that i can explain it without that i want to be with him..i know i prob shouldnt cuz it was a bad relationship at times..but at other times i cant help thinking that he might have changed...and it sucks...i went for a ride with josh the other night...it was awkward...and all i did was cry...we have been through soo much...and i cant help but think about what could have happened...what would our relationship be like if we were still together...i dont know...and im afraid that IF...not saying it will happen but IF we ever got back together im afraid that im gonna lose my friends..i told him that i wasnt going to lose them ever again and that i was still going to hang out with all of them and that i wasnt going to give ANY of them up...but yeah..thats been going through my head for a while...

here's the biggie....christmas is coming and it will be the first christmas that im going to have without my mom...and i dont want to let her back in my life just for her to fuck it up again...cuz im afraid that's what she is going to do...i know she wants to bitch at me cuz thats all shes good for..and like it sucks cuz i havent seen my brother either and shes keeping him from me cuz i can only see him when hes at her house and i dont want to see her so i dont get to see him and i have no way to go to his house so i cant wait to get my license cuz the FIRST place im going is to his house....i miss him..and i love him soo much....

then there is college...i feel like im not going to get into where i want to...i mean i know ill get into northwood cuz my dad works for them but i dont want that to be the only reason that i get accepted..and i havent written my essays yet and i need to BAD....and like ugh...i just dont know anymore..all i want is to make my dad proud of me...

and then there is my dad...yeah he may be buying me everything for xmas but that doesnt mean he cares about me....i was talking to him the other day and he didnt even know that i played tennis...ive been playing since my freshman year...gawd...that shows he pays attention to me...yeah right...the band is the only thing he cares about...it will always be that way...im used to it...ive never had a dad and i probably never will...

but thats why i have friends...

i was talking to someone who means a lot to me the other night, and i was telling him all these things and he told me that i need to get professional help...it made me mad...mostly cuz it was coming from him..but w/e...i guess if you think about it i might need it but w/e..i know he cares about me soo yeah...

but im out....

~i love my friends...without them id be nothing....

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Rough Night [Saturday
December 10th, 2005
[ mood | excited ]

last night i was at kenoco..and i threw snow at eric so he came up and picked me up and threw me on the cement ground....ugh..it hurt soo bad..then he did it AGAIN...ugh...then later on roger was in a really bad mood and i was trying to make him feel better...and so he picked me up and started running towards the snow bank like he was going to throw me in it...and he wasnt going to he was going to put me down...WELL....he TRIPPED and fell...and i went flying...and hit the cement HARD...then he landed on top of me...it hurt sooooo bad...i was laughing until i realized it hurt..then i was crying..i had snow and dirt EVERYWHERE....and alan was laughing soo hard..i thought he was going to piss himself...but it wasnt funny....but roger felt really bad...and my head hurt for like hours..all i wanted to do was sleep...but i couldnt..yeah...ugh..

yeah so i thought my cat was in labor last night but i guess it was just a false alarm...but i want her to have them BAD....i LOVE kittens...

yeah so our first game is tonight...im excited...i hope we dont look too bad...its bad enough that we dont have our new uniforms...but i like our old ones anyways...as long as we all wear the same thing...and kayla found out that her body suit was stolen by fb cheerleaders...soo shes kinda pissed...cuz coach said that the closet was soo messed up..but ya know...

haha..love to all my friends....


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67/100 [Friday
December 9th, 2005
[ mood | shitty ]

Body: Count all the ones you have done & repost with "__/100."

'X' the ones that you have done.

[x] 01. smoked a cigarette.

[] 02. smoked a cigar.

[x] 03. Kissed a member of the same sex.

[x] 04. crashed a friend's car.

[] 05. stolen a car.

[x] 06. been in love.

[x] 07. been dumped.

[x] 08. shoplifted.

[] 09. been fired.

[] 10. been in a fist fight.

[x] 11. snuck out of your house.

[x] 12. had feelings for someone who didnt have them back.

[] 13. been arrested.

[x] 14. made out with a stranger.

[] 15. gone on a blind date.

[x] 16. lied to a friend.

[x] 17. had a crush on a teacher.

[x] 18. skipped school.

[] 19. slept with a co-worker.

[] 20. seen someone die.

[] 21. been on a plane.

[] 22. thrown up in a bar.

[x] 23. taken painkillers.

[x] 24. love someone or miss someone right now.

[x] 25. laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by.

[x] 26. made a snow angel

[x] 27. played dress up.

[x] 28. cheated while playing a game.

[x] 29. been lonely.

[x] 30. fallen asleep at work/school.

[] 31. used a fake id.

[] 32. felt an earthquake.

[x] 33. touched a snake.

[] 34. ran a red light.

[] 35. been suspended from school.

[x] 36. had detention.

[x] 37. been in a car accident.

[x] 38. hated the way you look.

[] 39. witnessed a crime.

[] 40. pole danced

[x] 41. been lost.

[] 42. been to the opposite side of the country.

[x] 43. felt like dying.

[x] 44. cried yourself to sleep.

[x] 45. played cops & robbers.

[x] 46. sang karaoke.

[x] 47. done something you told yourself you wouldn't.

[] 48. laughed till some kind of beverage came out of your nose.

[x] 49. caught a snowflake on your tongue.

[x] 50. kissed in the rain.

[x] 51. sang in the shower.

[] 52. made love in a park.

[x] 53. had a dream that you married someone.

[x] 54. glued your hand to something.

[] 55. got your tongue stuck to a flag pole.

[x] 56. worn the opposite sex's clothes.

[x] 57. been an ...............

[x] 58. sat on a roof top.

[] 59. didn't take a shower for a week

[x] 60. too scared to watch scary movies alone.

[] 61. played chicken.

[x] 62. been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on.

[x] 63. been told you're hot by a complete stranger.

[] 64. broken a bone.

[x] 65. been easily amused.

[x] 66. laugh so hard you cry.

[x] 67. mooned/flashed someone.

[x] 68. cheated on a test.

[x] 69. forgotten someone's name.

[x] 70. slept.

[] 71. gone skinny dipping in a pool or streaking.

[x] 72. been kicked out of your house.

[x] 73. blacked out from drinking.

[x] 74. played a prank on someone.

[x] 75. gone to a late night movie.

[] 76. made love to anything not human.

[x] 77. failed a class/classes.

[] 78. choked on something you're not supposed to eat.

[] 79. played an instrument for more than 10 hours.

[] 80. cheated on a gf/bf.

[] 81. ate a whole package of oreos.

[x] 82. thrown strange objects.

[x] 83. been felt up.

[x] 84. thought about running away.

[x] 85. ran away.

[x] 86. spent an entire night watching disney movies

[x] 87. had detention and did not attend it.

[x] 88. yelled at parents.

[x] 89. made parents cry.

[x] 90. cried over someone.

[x] 91. owned more than 5 sharpies.

[ ] 92. dated more than 1 person at once.

[x] 93. have a dog

[x] 94. have a cat.

[x] 95. own an instrument.

[] 96. been in a band

[] 97. had more than 25 sodas in one day.

[x] 98. broken a cd.

[x] 99. shot a gun.

[] 100. been on myspace for more than 5 hours

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ugh [Wednesday
December 7th, 2005
[ mood | tired ]

yeah soo i am soo tired...ive been trying to type my college essays for HOURS and all i have done is the title. its bad..they are sooo boring...i really dont want to talk about myself THAT much..haha..

yeah soo i went to kenoco and alan was working, (duh) anyways...he was wearing a tanktop under his jacket with holes in it...soo..i MADE him leave work to get a sweatshirt..haha..and he's wearing mine..its funny...i bet he was warmer though...crazy kid..i cant believe he wore my shirt...didnt complain or anything...just put it on..i bet he was cold...haha...

yeah so i talked to my daddy today...and he's getting me a digital camera for x-mas..because he cant find the "right" car for his daughter in a month...so i have to wait for my car..tear...but i get a camera...and then i am getting a cell phone...like a real one...finally..i cant wait...i am soo excited...

yeah so working 2 days a week isnt soo bad..i kinda like my job..the ppl i work with are great!! and lana might get her job back...then i could work with her too!! that would be wayy cool!!

but im tired....OUTY!!!


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damn it [Monday
December 5th, 2005
[ mood | pissed off ]

okay seriously...i had one of the worst days ever yesterday...it sarted out with alan not answering his phone while he was at leeanna's...that pissed me off...but i wasnt sure he was there until i was on my way to work and i saw his truck..and i got mad...i dont hate leeanna at all...but i was sooo pissed that my "man" felt the need to spend the night at another girl's house...and if it were ME then he would have been pissed...so i had to go through my first day at work really pissed off...but luckily i had brad to talk to ....THEN...he went to my work cuz he KNEW id be pissed...it didnt help him any...then i got home and we talked about it and he was like "shane wanted to stay, and i slept pn the floor while shane was in bed with leeanna"...and you want to know...HE LIED...because shane AND leeanna said that shane had the bed to himself and leeanna and alan slept on the floor....WTF!!...and i didnt find this out until after i got home from hangin out with him..so he was acting like nothing happened while the whole time i was believing a lie...and its a stupid lie..he should have just told me..yeah i still would have been pissed but not as bad...and i am soo glad that i talked to amanda...cuz she knows how im feeling...and its not good...im done with him and it sucks cuz i WAS soo happy with him...but you dont fucking lie to me...and its not the first time...he lies over stupid shit...the little things...so i can only imagine what else he can or has lied about too....i am soo hurt...i cried to myself to sleep last night...and i told leeanna how i felt and she understands...i was hoping she wouldnt be mad and she wasnt soo thats good...at least i still have my friends...

i love you amanda jo..i am soooo glad we had that lil talk...
a-im sorry, love stinks
m-yeah it does...like a ginormous pile of hot, steamy fresh cow shit!!
m- fresh out of the oven!!!

HAHA...that was too funny...ill give myself a pat on the back for that one..

amanda jo and morgan jean...BFFL!!!!
i love you leeanna marie!!!

Love. (1) Exists.

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